New Trousers and New Casquette

New Trousers and New Casquette

Hello! This is Tomo from the Tokyo store .

The other day, "Exhibition I went to Taro Okamoto's

I bought the tickets in advance,

On weekdays, you can also buy tickets on the day.

There were some works I had seen at the memorial and art museums,

It moves my heart no matter how many times I watch it.

I also bought a souvenir for myself and came back home 😊lol

Today we would like to introduce

Nep Classic Trousers ( DP-833)

Available in three colors: gray, black, and navy .

↑ Grey

↑ Black

↑ Navy

Available sizes: 28 , 30 , 32 , 34 .

The material is cotton.

These trousers have a tight silhouette.

Available from 28 inches,

I think women can wear it too as the size is not too big.

I wanted to wear them shorter, so I double-breasted them in a shorter length.

Suita, the manager of the Osaka store,

They are single slitted at a length that shows off the center crease beautifully.

(The tight silhouette suits you very well~✨)

The length is to your liking,

For reference, try wearing it at the length you want .

Next, we would like to introduce our new casquette!

" Wool Kasuri Casquette " ( DCH-589 )

A coarsely woven kasuri newsboy cap.

The grey base with navy and white is very cool 😊

And because it's made of cotton wool, it can be worn any time except midsummer.

It feels soft to the touch and is comfortable to wear, so I recommend it.

We look forward to seeing you at our store☺️♫

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