NEW! A versatile work shirt

Good evening!
This is KARIN from the Nagoya store.
There are only 5 days left this year!
This year went by quickly again.

The other day I went to a year-end party with some friends.
This restaurant is the only Genghis Khan restaurant in Nagoya where you can eat fresh lamb from Hokkaido.

I had heard it was very delicious, so I went there with high expectations, and it really was delicious with no unpleasant odor!!
It was so fresh that even my friend who doesn't like lamb was able to eat it.

Well, the end-of-year rush of goods continues.
Today I would like to introduce a new work shirt that I have incorporated into today's outfit.

Band Color Type

OD Chambray Band Collar Shirt (DS-2674)

Collared work shirt

HBC Olive-drab Work Shirt (DS-2675)

Both are a dull olive drab color.

It's a color that can be easily incorporated into any outfit.

Both sizes are S, M, L, and XL.

Today, the band color

OD Chambray Band Collar Shirt (DS-2674)


Red work vest

Check Vest (DV-112)

I tried combining it with this.

There is no collar, so the neck area is clean.

By the way, a band collar is a type of collar that has a band that goes around the neck.

The hem has a white gusset.

This one has a collar.

HBC Olive-drab Work Shirt (DS-2675)

Pair it with suspenders for a more work-like look.

Old detail on the top button of the collar,

The chin strap is also reproduced.

The gusset here is the same color.

The pen holder that is unique to work shirts is also reproduced.

These two cards are very useful and I highly recommend them.

There's not much time left this year, but thank you to everyone for this year.
Happy new year!

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