News Paper Bag

News Paper Bag


This is Suita from the Osaka store.

Today marks the end of February, and spring is just around the corner.

I'm sure there are many people who are starting a new life.

Today, we will introduce some recommended bags for the spring travel season and for commuting to work or school.


DBG-027 Black Chambray Newspaper Bag

The popular newspaper bag is now available in a black chambray fabric version!

The subdued fabric color blends easily into any outfit, making it a useful bag for everyday use.

Black chambray is also a popular material for workwear.
The heathered texture of the fabric is nice.
It seems like it will look better with more use.

The size is perfect for A4 documents and the bag has a sturdy gusset, making it ideal for work or school.

Although the bag has a vintage feel, it is also easy to use, with adjustable shoulder straps and a twist metal fitting that allows you to fasten the flap.

The flap, which would normally have the newspaper company's name printed on it, has been deliberately kept simple in design.
You can use it as is, but it's also fun to customize it with stencils or patches.

The newspaper bag series is available in three patterns, including this material.

Classic off-white canvas material .

The olive color also has a military feel.

Please choose according to your preference.

We recommend this as a companion for the upcoming tourist season.

That's all for today.

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