New Shirts

New Shirts

Hello! This is Mayama from the Tokyo store!

Recently it's been really hot and then suddenly cold, so I haven't been able to change my clothes properly.

Choosing what to wear every day is hard

Well, this time we will introduce you to a rayon shirt from our new arrivals!

Shark Gill Open Shirts

Size: 36(S), 38(M), 40(L), 42(XL)

Color: Off White, Black

Shark gill means the gills of a shark, and their shape is used as a switching pattern.

The transition part of the right panel has a three-dimensional design due to the different colored fabric sandwiched in between.

This time it comes in a different color, black!

This Sharkgill shirt was immensely popular among rockavillians in the 1950s, and its clear contrast between black and off-white is very eye-catching.

As expected, classic denim goes perfectly with the Roca style!

This is a piece that you should definitely wear with some chunky accessories in the coming season, when clothes tend to be simple!

We look forward to seeing you!

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