Introducing the NEW YEAR SALE!

Good evening! This is KARIN from the Nagoya store.

Happy New Year!
Thank you for your continued support this year.

Thank you very much for your visit on the first day of the sale.
Thanks to you, the lucky bags are all sold out!
NEW YEAR SALE! There are only a few events left (until January 15th) !
We have great deals on winter clothes that you can still wear.

Today I tried coordinating an outfit using these sale items.
We can't introduce everything, but here are some recommended sale items that you can wear right now!

First off, the coat I wore!

Double Melton P-Coat (DJ-1124 )

The soft and light fabric makes this garment easy to throw on without any worries.

Available in two colors: camel and classic navy.
Sizes: S to XL

It is recommended not only for everyday use but also as an outer layer for work wear.

The open shirt worn underneath

Print Check Open Shirt ( DS-2524 )

A printed zipper shirt.
The colors are yellow and red.
Sizes are S to L
It's thin so you can wear it until early spring.

It's going to get much colder from now on, so my number one recommendation right now is a flannel work shirt.

Print Flannel Work Shirt (DS-2580)

The soft, brushed fabric is warm and feels good against the skin.

Colors are black and light gray

Sizes are S to L

This is a heavy work shirt.

Ombre Check Work Shirt (DS-2622)

The colors are red and blue

Sizes: S to XL

Can also be worn as a haori in early spring.

This is also the best innerwear for cold weather.

Double Face 3tone Sweat Parka (DC-697)

This item is based on a super vintage double-faced attached sweat parka that was produced up until around the 1940s.

It is made of double layered fabric and is heavier than a regular sweatshirt.

Color is red

Gray and

Available in three black colors.

This 50's style padded car coat is also on sale.

Border Car Coat (DJ-1125)

Items that can be worn all year round

Hickory Stripe Chinstrap Cover All (DJ-1036)

Also eligible products

This sale has a wide range of items available.
Get some warm items to get through the cold winter.

We look forward to your visit.

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