ombre check.

ombre check.

Hello, this is Umezu from the Nagoya store.

As always, we get together and go for a ride on our little scooters 💨

It's gotten cooler all of a sudden, so it's a nice season to ride a bike.

When you go on tour, please stop by our store!

Well, we have a lot of new shirts in stock today,

We would like to introduce a few of them.

・Ombre Check Work Shirt (DS-2707)

Size: 36, 38, 40, 42

A popular ombre check work shirt.

Based on a vintage 1930s item, it features a flap pocket on the chin strap.

It is a good fabric with moderate thickness, firmness, and a rough texture.

Another type of ombre check.

・Ombre Check Open Shirt (DS-2709)

Size: 38, 40

This is an open collar shirt.

The pockets have no flaps and are patterned to match.

It's a simple and easy to match shirt.

Slightly thin and soft to the touch.

We have some other new shirts in stock,

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Tokyo store

Nagoya store

Osaka store

In addition, the lottery "Gara Gara Pon! " only has 5 days left.

This weekend until 10/9 (Monday, public holiday).

There are still many prizes up for grabs, so please come along and participate! 🎯

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