Ombre Check Open Shirt

Ombre Check Open Shirt


This is Ueno from sales!

We will introduce new products today as well.

DS-2725    Ombre Check Open Shirt 

Everyone loves the ombre check shirt ❤️

Available in two easy-to-match and versatile colors.

Color: NAVY

Color: SAX

Made from 100 % rayon fabric, it's smooth and comfortable to wear .

This looks great on its own, and when it gets warmer it can also be worn over a T-shirt.

It's sure to be useful throughout the year!

Next, additional production

DC-708  Chambray Gran-pa Shirt

The NATURAL color that was sold out is now in stock.

If you missed out, hurry up and buy it~ 💨

Both products are already available in stores.

Please check it out 😃

Well, that 's it for now👋

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