DryBones LINE 始まってます & 新作シャツ紹介

DryBones LINE has started & new shirts introduction

Hello, this is Makino.

We have been informing you several times since September about "LINE Registration."

We are very grateful to all of you for completing your registrations.

However, there are some people who have not yet completed this, so

I would like to ask you again here.

Information that was previously sent by postcard or email,

All birthday cards will end this month.

From now on, all information will be provided via LINE.

If you have not yet registered, please register at one of the following three stores:

Tap it and follow the instructions.

Registration can be completed in about 3 minutes.

Tokyo store LINE registration

Nagoya store LINE registration

Osaka LINE registration

Once you have completed all the registrations, you will see the events currently being held at each store at the bottom.

You will be presented with a "Gara Gara Pon!" lottery ticket.

If you present this when you come to the store,

You can spin the lottery once.

The event will end this three-day weekend!

So please register for LINE right away.

Visit our store!


If you don't use LINE ,

"I would like to be notified by email" or "I would like to be notified by postcard"

Please call or email the store.

Tokyo store

03-5458-5688 makino@dry-bones.com

Nagoya store

052-242-4298 umetsu_y@dry-bones.com

Osaka store

06-6531-1298 fukita@dry-bones.com

Now, let me introduce you to our new shirts.

It's already online and I'm sure you've seen it.

There are no images of it being worn yet, so please get an idea of ​​it here.

DS-2710 Knotting Yarn 2 Flap Open Shirt


Available in two colors: navy and beige (more off-white than in the image).

If you look closely, you can see that it has a uniform, fine woven pattern similar to a dobby weave.

When you put this on, the light refraction creates a glossy and elegant texture.

It produces.

This is what it looks like when worn.

Since it is made of cotton, it can be washed normally.

The fabric has a bit of stiffness, so it goes well with work-style bottoms.

Of course, it also goes well with rayon and wool trousers.

Next up is this.

DS-2700 Nep Open Shirt

This is available in three colors.

Bordeaux-like brown,

Navy with a nice napped look and prominent white threads running through the weft.

This one also has a rough texture close to ecru.

Available in three vintage off-white colors.

Each item is easy to imagine a coordination.

It looks like it will be a versatile piece.

In the image, the collar is left open, with the bandana wrapped around it like a tie.

This is also a sturdy fabric and is washable,

I think it has a wide range of uses.

In addition, the collar of a stiff open shirt stands up,

The V-zone on the chest becomes three-dimensional.

If you prefer it not to open too wide, we recommend a stiff fabric.

On the other hand, if you want to open it up, just iron it once and it will look neat.

Some items are already showing signs of missing colors and sizes.

Please be sure to secure yours as soon as possible!

Well, I'll leave it here for now.

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