OSAKA STORE 24th Anniversary

OSAKA STORE 24th Anniversary


This is Tommy from the Osaka store.

Today we are pleased to announce that we have restocked some items that we haven't seen in a while.


・DJ-1106 Black Chambray Prisoner Jacket


Prisoner jacket made of black chambray fabric.
The heathered fabric gives this piece a very old-fashioned feel.

This single-layer jacket is made of cotton and can be worn in any season.
You can wear it with a work shirt or overalls like a coverall, or you can wear it with trousers made of the same fabric to create a set.
We also recommend styling it with a tie.

Recently, we have had many customers come in to look at outfits for their coming-of-age ceremonies and graduation ceremonies in the new year.
We also have other set-up series, as well as a wide selection of ties and accessories, so please come and take a look.

And! An announcement from our Osaka store.

Thanks to you, Dry Bones Osaka store is celebrating its 24th anniversary this year.
This is all thanks to our customers who have supported us.

Thank you so much for everything.

Therefore, to thank you for your continued patronage, we will be holding a family sale exclusively at our Osaka store for five days this weekend, from November 26th (Sat) to November 30th (Wed)!

We have carefully selected a large number of items (outerwear, shirts, bottoms, etc.) that can be used from now until the middle of winter.
Stay tuned to see what's included!

In addition, anyone who spends over 10,000 yen during the event will receive a free original pair of socks or an eco bag.
This is a great deal!

As numbers are limited, this offer will end once all stock is gone, so be sure to get yours soon!

We usually hold our anniversary event in late August, but this year, due to the hustle and bustle after the relocation, as well as the coronavirus and the extreme heat, we decided to hold it in November.

It has been 24 years since we opened, but this year will be our first anniversary event since we moved, so I am looking forward to it being a personally memorable anniversary event.

The event will be held for five days, so if you have a weekday off, or you have work or school to attend, please feel free to drop by.

We look forward to seeing you there!!

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