Painter Denim

Painter Denim

Hello, this is Mayama from our Tokyo store.

Recently, I've been visiting a lot of ramen restaurants recommended by Manager Makino.

I'd like to introduce some of the shops I visited during my recent vacation.

Kaimen Mikawa in Shimokitazawa.

It had a strong flavor and a light taste, so I could eat it over and over.

It's very delicious, so please give it a try.

Now, here is the item introduction

Denim Painter Pants


Sorry for the wait. These denim pants have been highly requested and are finally back in stock.

This product is inspired by painter pants from the 1920s and 1930s, and is made with 10-count uneven yarn for the warp and weft, resulting in a lightweight denim with a vertical fading pattern.

It is made in the same weight as workwear at the time, and its wide silhouette is based on navy work trousers.

Another distinctive detail is the huge back strap.

It is clear that it served as a belt at the time.

This silhouette can be used in a variety of different styles.

We expect these items to sell out quickly, so be sure to come to our store!

Well then, that's it for now.

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