Print Band Collar Shirt

Print Band Collar Shirt

Hello! This is Tomo from the Tokyo store .

The other day , I went to a hamburger restaurant called " SASA " near Daikanyama Station for lunch .

It's delicious no matter how many times you go!

I love meaty patties ❤️

If you come to our Tokyo store, please give it a try !

The product we will introduce today is

This is a new band collar shirt.


DS-2664 Print Band Collar Shirt

It comes in two colors: black and blue .

The left chest pocket has a flap and button.


The neck and cuffs are switched.

Sizes available: 36 (S) , 38 (M) , 40 (L) , 42 (XL) .

This is a shirt that we would like both men and women to wear.

(Personally, I like shirts without collars ... 😊 )

Black shirt with belt.

I paired the blue with suspenders.

It's made of 100% cotton , so you can wash it at home.

This is a shirt that will be very useful from now on.

Please come on the weekend ☺️

We are waiting for you💕

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