Recommend Summer Hat

Recommended Summer Hat


This is Suita, Osaka store.

Now that we're in July, will the rainy season end soon?

There's just a little bit more until summer begins.
I'm sure many of you are planning trips this year.
I think there will also be festivals, events and festivals held, so it looks like it will be a lively summer!

Well, today we would like to introduce some summer hats that we recommend for you before the summer really sets in.
The season when the sunshine gets stronger and stronger.
I want to enjoy fashion while protecting myself from UV rays.

Today's recommendations are here.

DCH-579 Step Ribbon Braid Hat "SMALL PATTERN"

Size: 58cm, 60cm

The blade hat is an essential part of any summer outfit.
This is a popular series with a subtle and lovely ribbon pattern.

Available in a wide range of four colors.

Natural wine red ribbon.

White with black ribbon.

Brown on wine red.

Gray on black.

Each of the four colors gives a completely different impression.
Choose from a casual or chic look to suit your outfit and taste.

The material is a polyester blend braid material.
It is formed by carefully sewing together long, thin tape-like material.

It is firmly glued so it doesn't lose its shape easily, which is a nice feature.

And the ribbon is a distinctive feature of this hat.
The garment features an original small pattern rayon material wrapped in stepped ribbons.

It has a luxurious feel that is different from other hats.

Let's take a look at the inside of the hat.

A leather lining is sewn onto the brim and a message such as "OUR SPECIAL CUSTOMER" is embossed on it.
In addition, a tassel is attached to the back of the head, adding a detail that is often found on high-quality hats.

I love this kind of attention to detail in invisible places.

It goes well with a Hawaiian or Cuban shirt for a summery look, or you can wear it casually with a T-shirt.

This is a highly recommended item for anyone looking for a unique hat.

Available in a wide range of colours, but some sizes are running low on stock.

We expect some sizes to be sold out by the time summer hits, so please take this opportunity to come and try them on.

That's all for today.

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