Hello, this is Umezu from the Nagoya store.
On a personal note, I turn 40 this weekend.
I have to buy something to commemorate this, just to spoil myself! lol
So I bought a ring and a watch.

With this, I think I can keep working hard into my 40s!
Well, this item has been restocked today, so let me introduce it to you!

・Printed T-Shirt “CORSAIR” (PT-870)
Size: 36, 38, 40, 42
A pirate-themed T-shirt based on vintage college T-shirts and sweatshirts.
In the image I am 170cm and 62kg and am wearing size 36, so please use it as a reference.
The large flocked print is luxurious and impressive.

There is also a white version available.

I tried wearing size 38 here.

I just checked and the last size is already available, so if you missed out, be quick.
Well, we look forward to seeing you on the weekend!
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