Restock! Cotton Twill Frisco Jeens

Restock! Cotton Twill Frisco Jeans

Good evening!
This is KARIN from the Nagoya store.
The year-end party season is almost upon us.
So here are some of the most delicious dishes I've had recently.

Negitan is the signature dish at Aoki, a restaurant in Minato Ward, Nagoya!
The generous amount of green onions and garlic makes this dish perfect with beer.
It was so delicious that I had to share it with everyone!

If you are nearby, please come!

A lot of pants arrived today.

This is my top pick.

The last time it was in stock it sold out immediately.

Cotton Twill Frisco Jeans

I tried it on right away.

The combination

L/S Embroidered Open Shirt “VIETNAM DRAGON”

Nep Print 2 Tone Sport Jacket


size:30. 32. 34. 36

Complete with suspender buttons, even with suspenders.

Even a belt!

The L-shaped front pocket is a unique detail.

The front zip makes it easy to put on.

The back silhouette is accented with thick back straps.

We think this item will sell out quickly again, so be quick!

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