Restock Item

Restock Item


This is Tommy from the Osaka store.

Today we will continue to provide information on the arrival of popular items.

First, this.

DCH-580 Wabash Casquette

The extremely popular Wabash newsboy cap quickly sold out after it arrived.
It's made of slightly stiff cotton and can of course be worn all year round, but the white version is especially popular in the summer.

It goes well with shirts and T-shirts in bright summer colors, and can also be used as an accent for darker colored outfits.

This other one is also popular.

DCH-454 Cotton Cloth Casquette

This is recommended for summer!
It is made of lightweight, breathable fabric.

Available in black and brown.
It is a simple fabric with a textured look.
The calm color scheme is useful as it can be paired with any item.
It's a product you'll want to have in different colors.

Also got this ring.

DAS-323 ALL SEEING EYE'S RING (will be available on the online shop soon)

It's been quite a while since we last received this item!
A striking ring made using doll eye parts.

The eyes, shaped in silver, are also very realistic.

Hand accessories are especially popular in the summer.
Why not stand out from the crowd with a mysterious and unique ring?

We will also be stocking new accessories this weekend, so please look forward to them!

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