Shawl Collar Duffle Jacket⚓️

Shawl Collar Duffle Jacket⚓️

Hello! This is Ueno from sales.

Following on from yesterday, today we will be introducing some brand new products!

DJ-1142  Shawl Collar Duffle Jacket

The design is inspired by the 1940s Royal Navy duffle coat.

A jacket with a distinctive shawl collar.

Made from a wool, nylon and acrylic blend

The dark red color and rough texture of the fabric give it a vintage feel.

It's a calm, subdued red, so it's easy to incorporate into your outfit!

DJ-1116 Shawl Collar Duffle Jacket

The same shape is also available in BLACK and KHAKI.

There are some sizes missing and only a few left, so if you're interested, hurry up!

And this one is still out of stock and available for pre-order 💡

DJ-1149 Border Shawl Collar Duffle Jacket

We will also be stocking a duffle bag in the same style but with striped fabric!

It is a navy and charcoal border pattern of different widths.

Even if it's the same shape, the color and pattern can make a big difference .

This item will be arriving soon! Please look forward to it !

And the newsboy caps that were out of stock are back in stock.

DCH-551 Black Chambray Casquette

It's unlined so it's neither too thick nor too thin.

You can wear it comfortably all year round.

Made of 100% cotton and washable.

It's washable, so you can use it without worrying about sweat.

We have lots of new items arriving this week, so please come and check them out in store!

Until next time~ 👋

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