Shawl Collar Jacket

Shawl Collar Jacket


This is Tommy from the Osaka store.

With the start of October, the temperature has dropped significantly in the mornings and evenings.
More and more customers are coming into the store to look at our outerwear.

Today we will introduce you to a recommended item for this coming season.


DJ-1160 Wool Melton Shawl Collar Jacket
Color: Gray, Beige

A shawl collar jacket with a classic feel.
The distinctive collar style is popular with both men and women.

It's a solid color so it's easy to match with other items, and we recommend pairing it with a patterned shirt or vest.
It is made of thin wool melton, so it is warm but not too heavy.
Depending on how you coordinate it, you can wear it for a long season.
Also, if you travel a lot by car, this type of outerwear might be just right.

The buttons are engraved with decorations.
It's especially nice to add accents like these to a simple jacket.

A detail that is typical of men's clothing.
The lining is made of striped cupra material.
It's a stylish feature that is casually visible when you take off your jacket indoors.

I tried wearing beige.
It goes well with denim, so having one will enrich your wardrobe during the winter when dark tones are more prevalent.

Some sizes and colors may be out of stock by the season, so if you're interested, please come in and try them on as soon as possible.

That's all for today.

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