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Good evening!
This is KARIN from the Nagoya store.
The other day I had to go to Nagoya Station, and I was surprised when I arrived at the station.
The Nagoya Station symbol "Hishou" has been cut in half! (Sorry for this Nagoya local story.)

It will be removed when the Linear Chuo Shinkansen opens.

Original shape ↓↓

"Leap" (1989) designed by architect Shin Ii, is made of stainless steel pipes that represent the ropes of Jomon pottery.

As one of the meeting spots at Nagoya Station, I have used this familiar monument (built 33 years ago) countless times and know it as "the one around Meieki Station," so I feel a bit sad to see it go.

The nights are getting a little cooler, so I'm starting to wear long sleeves more often.
Today we will introduce some easy-to-use shirts that can be coordinated with suspenders.

All of these autumn shirts go well with suspenders.

Today I chose suspenders with rabbit ear ties.
These vintage style suspenders are named after the fact that the joints at the back when worn look like rabbit ears.


Yellow Stripe Band Collar Shirt


Rabbit Ear Suspenders

A refreshing light yellow band collar shirt.
Comes with a chin strap.

The suspenders are chosen in khaki and brown.

Next up is a denim work shirt that changes over time

Denim Work Shirt


Rabbit Ear Suspenders

A different color of the suspenders from before, Black x Gray

Next is a warm wool open shirt.

Wool Check Open Shirt


Choose simple, plain suspenders to go with a checked shirt.

This is

Wool Check Open Shirt

A different shade of gray.

Rabbit Ear Suspender

is the same thing.

This is a cotton work shirt.

Ombre Check Work Shirt


Rabbit Ear Suspender

Ecru suspenders are easy to match with anything, so it's a good idea to have some.

Black in a different color

Rabbit Ear Suspender

The shirt is

Band Collar Work Shirt

The fabric is made of 100% linen.

This is a versatile shirt that can be worn for a wide range of occasions, from dressy to casual.

All rabbit ear suspenders have a beautiful back silhouette!

We currently have a wide variety of suspenders available.

Of course, there are other designs besides rabbit ears. )

Please try out various things.


Available in stores from 9/17

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Let's start.

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One coupon will be distributed for every 10,000 yen spent.

Get this year's fall items and join the lucky draw!

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