Silver and Brass Ring

Silver and Brass Ring


This is Suita, Osaka store.

There are days when it's quite hot during the day.
However, it is still chilly in the mornings and evenings, and there are large temperature differences, so please take care not to get sick.

Now, during this season when people tend to wear lighter clothing, hand accessories become a focus of attention every year.

Today I would like to introduce some recommended rings.

First, this.

DAS-310 Brass Skull Frame Ring

This ring has a rugged, three-dimensional base and an acrylic skull on top, giving it a striking presence.
Smoking the brass material creates shadows, making it appear more three-dimensional.

The skull that appears to emerge from the darkness creates a mysterious atmosphere.

Another skull motif.

DAS-306 Sparkle Eyes Skull Ring "BRASS"

This skull ring also has a striking presence.
On the front is a skull with green zirconia set into the eyes.
Crossbones on the side.
This is a decorative piece with decoration engraved even on the back of the hoop.

This popular item is based on the design of a toy ring from the 1950s, but has been modified with a focus on materials.

There are only a few left, so if you're interested, hurry!

The next is this.

DAS-307 Brass Two Face Ring

A ring shaped like TWO FACE, a representative motif of the 1950s.
To be precise, these two faces are called Comedy and Tragedy.
It is a hugely popular icon not only for accessories, but also for interior decoration such as clothing, tattoo motifs, and wall hangings.

This one is also made of brass.
It is also recommended as a handkerchief ring to hold a bandana in place, as shown in the photo.

Next up is Mexican!

DAS-387 Silver Mexican Biker Ring
DAS-388 Brass Mexican Biker Ring

Mexican rings are also popular as vintage items.
These were originally sold as souvenir rings in Mexico, and come in a variety of designs, including Indians and horses, but the skull is by far the most classic and popular motif.

It has a sturdy base with a skull plate and a shield with the number "13" molded into it on the side.
It's a rather meaningful design.

Each part is made of silver and brass, and you can choose from two different combinations.

And lastly, this one.

DAS-386 Silver Rhinestone Ring
DAS-384 Rhinestone Brass Ring

A voluminous ring with large rhinestones.
It is reminiscent of the rings worn by gangsters during the Prohibition era.

The base is also available in two materials, silver and brass, and each is combined with three colors of rhinestones.
Please choose your favorite combination.

There are also pendants and fob chains in the same design, so be sure to check those out as well.

The ring we introduced today is currently available at a bargain price as there are only a few left.

This offer will end as soon as stock runs out, so be sure to come and see it soon.

That's all for today.

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