Small Check Reversible Sport Jacket

Small Check Reversible Sport Jacket


This is Ueno from sales.

Somehow, the warm weather returned last weekend 🥵☀️

Even though it's November , it's not cold yet, so I'm having trouble deciding what to wear .

Just in time, we have just received the perfect jacket!

DJ-1182  Small Check Reversible Sport Jacket

Reversible sports jacket in pique and check pattern

The back of the black is charcoal gray with red check

The reverse side of the cream is charcoal grey with white checks

The color of the check is hard to see, so I've upped the fabric .

You can choose between a plain and checked pattern for one item, so it's a great deal.

You can enjoy coordinating different atmospheres on the front and back.

This season and early spring, you can wear it with a T -shirt, long sleeve T- shirt , or shirt.

When it gets cold, wear it under a thick outer layer ⛄️

You can wear it for a long season .

It will be available in our direct stores tomorrow , Friday , November 10th , so please come and try it on!

And now an announcement!!

For three days from November 24th ( Friday ) to November 26th ( Sunday )

We will be hosting our annual pop-up at M&C Coffee Stand !

This time, we will have new autumn/winter products and special deals only available at the pop-up shop.

I'll bring a lot of things 😃

You can enjoy shopping while drinking delicious coffee .

There is also a parking lot, so please come and visit us while you're out for a drive .

We are looking forward to your visit ❤️

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