U.S.N.N-3 Type Utility Jacket&Trousers

USNN-3 Type Utility Jacket & Trousers


This is Ueno from sales.

The long-awaited product arrived the other day .

DJ-1165    USNN-3 Type Utility Jacket

size : 36 , 38 , 40 , 42

Last time we had it in stock in the spring, it sold out in a flash.

We have reproduced it!

Last time we only made up to size 40 , but we have now made size 42 as well.

Based on a US Navy work jacket from the 1940s .

A simple and sophisticated design that is reminiscent of military items.

USN stencil, rusted laurel buttons, two- stage adjustable cuffs,

Herringbone fabric faithful to the vintage

It is made with great attention to detail.

This time, we already have a few of each size, so

If you missed out on it last time, or are interested, please consider purchasing it soon.

And trousers made from the same fabric.

DP-836    USNN-3 Utility Trousers

size : 30 , 32 , 34 , 36

This is coming soon!

I think it will be in stock around the first half of this month...

So, please look forward to it 😃

We also accept reservations.

Please feel free to contact our store staff.

Well, that's about it👋

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