Vintage Detail Work Shirt

Vintage Detail Work Shirt

Hello, this is Wami from the Osaka store.

Last Friday, a band I was interested in was coming to Japan so I went to see them!

The Courettes!

They are not really a band, but rather a husband and wife duo, and I started listening to them around the time the COVID-19 pandemic began. At first, not many people around me knew of them, but over the past year or so, they seem to have gradually gained popularity among people who like this type of music.

I never thought I'd have the chance to see it live so soon!

The sound is quintessential 60s garage rock. It's my absolute favorite!

Flavia, the guitarist and vocalist, has a very cute 60s look...

Even the fan service was amazing...I'd definitely like to go again if they come to Japan!

Well, I've been enjoying autumn music first, but don't forget about autumn fashion!

Dry Bones continues to receive new products every week.

We have some extremely versatile shirts in stock, so we'd like to introduce them to you!

Solid Flannel Work Shirt

Size: 36(S), 38(M), 40(L), 42(XL)

A soft flannel shirt is a must-have for autumn and winter.

When the weather gets cold, I miss these soft, fluffy fabrics more than the smooth ones...

(I think it makes the chill when I get changed in the morning

It's a simple solid navy blue design, but the asymmetrical pockets add an accent.

Pockets with different shaped pockets on the left and right are commonly called gacha pockets.

The left pocket has a gusset, which was supposed to protect the cigarettes of the time from moisture caused by sweat.

A shirt with the same details can be seen in an advertisement from BIG YANK, a workwear brand founded in the United States in 1919!

From the 1930s or 1940s.

I put tobacco in properly...

I also found this cool photo.

This is a piece that follows the details of that era.

The length is easy to wear tucked out or tucked in.

It goes perfectly with denim and is easy to use.

Personally, I like to match navy with brown accessories.

The striped suspenders, which were restocked last weekend, look great with this plain shirt.

2Way Type Stripe Suspenders


Another nice feature is that it is 2-way.

The leather parts and clips can be attached and removed.

It comes in a box, so it makes a great gift.

This is what it looks like when hung with the leather parts.

We try to keep a wide variety of suspenders in stock at all times, but once we sell out, you often have to wait until the next production run, so be sure to get your hands on one of our favorite designs when they become available!!

That's all for today.

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