VIVA IZU SHIMODA   LET'S GO! Rockin’n’Rollin’ !

VIVA IZU SHIMODA LET'S GO! Rockin'n'Rollin'!

Hello! This is Ueno from sales.

Finally, tomorrow is...

VIVA IZU SHIMODA LET'S GO! Rockin'n'Rollin'!

This is my first time participating so I'm excited ❤️

What should I bring? I'm wondering what to bring !

I want to continue preparing with all my might📦📦📦

Tomorrow, I will be there with my boss.

Please come and see our booth !

This is the only time I can talk to customers.

I'm really looking forward to it Thank you very much 🍻

Well, today we will introduce some new products!

DC-708    Chambray Gran-pa Shirt

The Gran-pa Shirt is a popular item that is regularly released by Dry Bones .

This is a reproduction of an inner shirt worn before the 1920s, when lapel jackets were the norm .

A dress shirt shape called tuxedo front (also known as "squid chest").

The chest area is made of blue chambray fabric, which is common to all three colors.

The garment is made of comfortable cut-and-sew fabric except for the chest area, and old-fashioned multi-tiered ribbing is used for the collar and sleeves.

From casual outfits with work vests and overalls,

This is a cut-and-sew top that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, such as pairing it under a formal jacket.

You can wear it alone now , or as an inner layer during the cold season, making it a great piece to wear all year round!

Please come and see us in store.

So, please come to our directly managed store and Shimoda Rockin' Rollin' this weekend too🏃💨

We look forward to seeing you ❤️

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