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This is Ueno from sales.

There are only about 15 days left this year !

A year goes by so quickly...

Here are some recommended items for Christmas and the end of the year :

It's a wallet 👛

Great for a Christmas present or as a reward to yourself for working hard this year.

It's also good to buy a new one for the new year 🎍

Now I'm wondering, when is the best day to start using my wallet...

Thinking about it, I did some research!

It is called " Ichiryomanbaibi " ( One grain of rice , ten thousand times day ) .

It means that if you sow one grain of rice, it will grow into a rice plant with ten thousand times as many grains.

Apparently there is another auspicious day on par with Taian, and it's said that it's a good idea to buy a new wallet on this day .

This day happens several times a month, so it's not that unusual.

Another lucky day is Tensha Day.

It is said to be the day when heaven forgives all sins and everything goes well.

Apparently this is a rare day that only comes five or six times a year.

What?! January 1 , 2024 is the day when these two strongest lucky days overlap .

It's said to be the super lucky day✨✨

↑ This is a very rough explanation, haha
This is all based on internet research, so please search for more details.

So, in order to buy a new wallet on January 1st ,

It's about time I start thinking about which wallet to get!!

So the first one

DWM-119  Snake 2Tone Biker Wallet

A popular dish that has been made for a long time.

Black leather with diamond-shaped snakeskin accents!

Snake skin has been loved as a symbol of good luck since ancient times.

It is said that if you carry it around as a talisman, your money will flow well .

The inside looks like this:

It's simple and all black, and has plenty of card slots.

Next wallet

DWM-116 Kip Wallet "TRI-COLOR"

Kip leather is a type of cowhide that is somewhere between a calf and an adult cow, and refers to cowhide that is between 6 months and 2 years old . It is characterized by its fine texture and softness.

The outside is simple black, but the inside is a popular two- tone pink and gray color scheme.

Finished in triple color : black on the outside, pink and gray on the inside

When you take out your wallet, the details will catch your eye .

This one also has lots of card slots and looks easy to use.

The next is this

DWM-120 Emboss Trucker Wallet

This is available in two colors : black and brown

This tracker wallet features eye-catching paisley embossed leather and rhinestones.

It also comes with a paisley embossed leather key tab and chain.

You can't put too many cards in here

You can put only what you need in it and use it in a neat and stylish way!

All of them have been out of stock for a while, but they have recently come back in stock.

There are three types available, so please come and take a look at them in store!

Well, we look forward to your visit .

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