Wool Melton Shawl Collar Jacket

Wool Melton Shawl Collar Jacket

Good evening! This is Tomo from the Tokyo store.

Today, we will introduce a jacket that will be available in late September.

Wool Melton Shawl Collar Jacket


Based on a sports jacket from the 1920s or 1930s .

The shawl collar gives it a classic feel.

It gives a clean impression.

*Shawl collar : The shape of the collar resembles a loofah. It is also called "loofah color." This refers to a shape with no notches and a smooth line continuing from back to front. It features a long, slender, curvaceous design .

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Available in beige and gray.

The sizes are 36 (S), 38 (M), 40 (L), and 42 (XL) .


The fabric is not too thick and is light to wear.

The material is wool, so it's warm .

Uses striped lining.

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This time we have a jacket in size 38 (M), which is one size larger.

I'm wearing it.

(The store samples are 38 (M) and 40 (L).)

How was it?

Samples are available in store 🤗

Reservations can be made at each store!

Please feel free to use it 😉

Tokyo storeTEL : 03-5458-5688

Nagoya storeTEL : 052-242-4298

Osaka store TEL: 06-6531-1298


Tokyo store: drybones_tokyo

Nagoya store: drybones_nagoya

Osaka store: drybones_osaka

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