Wool Shaggy Check Sport Jacket

Wool Shaggy Check Sport Jacket


This is Suita, Osaka store.

It's the second half of January and the cold days continue.

Following on from yesterday, today we will be introducing some recommended clothing for this cold season.


DJ-1171 Wool Shaggy Check Sport Jacket

Based on a wool sports jacket from the 1950s.
This piece features a beautiful ombre check pattern with a gradation, giving it just the right amount of presence.

The outer material is a wool blend shaggy material.
The fabric has a fluffy, long pile.

It has a warm look and feels really nice to the touch.

Both colors are easy to match.

The lining is made of quilted cupra material.
The sleeves are easy to put on even when wearing a knit underneath, and most importantly, it is light and warm.

This is a piece you should definitely experience for yourself in store.

In addition, the collar, cuffs, and hem have striped knit ribs.
The sturdy ribs keep out the cold air.

The main focus is on the navy jacket, and I paired it with old gold work pants that go well with it.
It comes with a denim jacket underneath for complete cold protection.

The classic brown color scheme goes well with denim.

The short length makes this a great piece to wear when riding a motorcycle or bicycle.

It looks like the cold days will continue for a while, so be sure to dress warmly.

That's all for today.
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