Hello. This is Wami from the Osaka store.

The other day, I went on a short trip to Kyoto for just one night!

It was just an ordinary trip, where we changed into yukata, visited a temple at night, went drinking in the streets of Kyoto until late, relaxed at the inn, and had a nice shaved ice lunch the next day before heading home, but it was a very refreshing experience!

I love talking to customers in stores I don't usually go to in unfamiliar towns.

The sun sets much earlier now, and you can really feel the change of seasons.

Dry Bones is currently displaying samples of fall and winter items in store.

Today we will introduce this item, which is popular every year!

Double Breast Homespun Wool Work Jacket “YOUNG VITO

Double Breast Wool Work Jacket “YOUNG VITO”

This jacket is based on the jacket worn by Vito Corleone, played by Robert De Niro, in his younger days in the movie "The Godfather Part II."

Double Breast Homespun Wool Work Jacket “YOUNG VITO

Size: 36(S), 38(M), 40(L), 42(XL)


Homespun means yarn that is spun at home.

Nowadays, it refers to a roughly woven fabric made from thick woolen yarn.

I tried wearing OLIVE.

It goes great with denim!

It's a very easy to use color.

Wear a work shirt and tie underneath.

The vest he is wearing is also a new item that will be arriving soon.

Double Breast Wool Work Jacket “YOUNG VITO”

Size: 36(S), 38(M), 40(L), 42(XL)

Color: NAVY

This is the same model but in a different fabric.

It is a thicker wool herringbone fabric.

Up until now, the design has been made in brown tones, so the navy color seems very fresh to the staff.

Pairing it with white bottoms and a sailor cap for a winter marine style would also look great!

All three items introduced this time are available for pre-order!

There are often no sizes left by the time the season begins, so we recommend buying early.

You can also contact us by phone or direct message on Instagram.

That's all for today!

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