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This is Tomo from the Tokyo store.

Today, we are pleased to announce the annual popular event

movie "The Godfather Part II " Appeared in the play

The jacket that Vito Corleone wore as everyday clothing

Introducing the "YOUNG VITO" Jacket, created based on this image.

double-breasted work jacket "Young Vito."

The creator was frightened, The balance between the buttons, the shape of the cuffs,

Pocket We have reproduced every detail, such as the position and width of the stitching.


Available in three colors.

DJ-1145 Double Breast Homespun Wool Work Jacket “YOUNG VITO

Color: Olive

DJ-1145 Double Breast Homespun Wool Work Jacket “YOUNG VITO

Color: Brown

DJ-1154 Double Breast Wool Work Jacket "YOUNG VITO"

Color: Navy

The sizes available are 36, 38, 40, and 42 respectively.

It is a double-breasted design, which is rare for a work jacket.

It has a different elegance than the single type.

In addition to the three patch pockets on the front , it also has an inner pocket.

Storage capacity too Excellent.

Taking advantage of the double-breasted design that gives a sense of elegance

Dress shirt tied The classic style and

It can also be worn with work shirts or Henley shirts .

The coordinates on the right are:

DV-115 Wool Hop Sack Shawl Collar Vest

DC-698 Gran-pa Shirt

DP-761 Double Knee Painter Pants

DCH-583 Natural Linen Snappy Cap

The coordinates on the left are:

DV-114 Corduroy Vest

DS-2619 OX Work Shirt

DP-582W Jean Engineering Denim Pants

It has become.

Some colors are available in smaller sizes, so

Please consider it early and come to our store.

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