New Denim Jackets

New Denim Jackets


This is Tommy from the Osaka store.

The other day, I got something I've been wanting for a long time.

This pot cover is called a bullet planter because of its bullet-like shape.
I've never really been interested in houseplants before, but over the years my interest has grown and I've often seen this planter in photos of midcentury interiors and have thought it would be great to have one.
However, it was difficult to find something in the size, color, and price I wanted...

This is a reproduction item, but I liked the size and the feel of the fiberglass and rattan so I decided to buy it straight away!
I'd love to get a vintage one someday.
I was so happy that I immediately set it up with a fake Monstera that I had on hand.
I plan to replace it with a real one soon.

If you know anything about plants, please let me know.

Anyway, leaving my story aside, today I'd like to introduce you to a denim jacket that has just arrived in stock.

"What? A denim jacket even though it's summer?!"

I'm sure some of you are thinking this.

I'll explain why I recommend it now later.

First, this.

DJ-1141 Denim Prisoner Jacket

As the name suggests, this piece is based on vintage prison uniforms.
This work jacket with lapels gives off a different vibe than a coverall.

Of course, you can pair it casually with a T-shirt or a cut-and-sew top, but it also looks great with a stand-up collar shirt and a tie!

They are also making trousers from the same fabric, which are due to arrive in stores this week.
Having them as a set will greatly expand the range of outfits you can wear.

We also have this item in the same fabric.

DJ-1140 Round Collar Engineer Jacket

This engineer jacket features a distinctive round collar.
The length is just right, somewhere between a coverall and a denim jacket, and I also wear a similar jacket.

It also has a watch pocket, so you can enjoy a classic look with a pocket watch.

The fabric used is 10oz denim.
The fabric has just the right amount of firmness and is attractive for its expressive texture with knotted threads woven into it.

We are also selling overalls made from this fabric!

DJ-1137 Denim Bib Over Alls

In other words,,,

It can be set up in a variety of combinations, including prisoner jackets, engineer jackets, trousers, and overalls!

Denim items are popular in any season and stock levels change frequently.

That's why I want to recommend it now!!
If you're interested in buying a set, be sure to come and check it out before any of your sizes run out.

Sizes will likely be sold out by the time the season gets underway, so we recommend trying them on as soon as possible.

We look forward to seeing you again this week.

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