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Boshu Uchiwa "MEXICO"

Boshu Uchiwa "MEXICO"

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DZM-002 Boshu Uchiwa "MEXICO"

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We tried making a traditional craft item, a "Boshu Uchiwa" fan, using textiles from the Hawaiian shirt "Mexico."

Boshu Uchiwa is a traditional craft from Boshu, located at the southernmost tip of Chiba Prefecture. A single bamboo stalk is split into small pieces, spread out, and then covered with washi paper or fabric to make a fan. This method of making has been continued since the Edo period, and it is famous as one of the three major fans in Japan, along with Kyo Uchiwa and Marugame Uchiwa. It takes a lot of time and effort to make, as all 21 steps are done by hand.

This time, instead of using the usual washi paper, we used fabric, and even more so, the slippery rayon Fujiet. Combined with the coolness of the bamboo, it has a very cool look.

To prove that it is an original, the brand name is stamped in red on the Japanese paper on the back.

Furthermore, the "border" that goes around the entire surface and the "thread" that holds the window in place are also custom-made to match the color of the fabric. This has resulted in a truly unique traditional craft item.

In this day and age when cheap plastic and other products are everywhere, why not try something that represents the spirit of a craftsman, made using methods that have been passed down since the Edo period?

What's more, this fan is rare as it can be matched with a shirt.

Click here for the short-sleeved Hawaiian shirt DS-2696 S/S Hawaiian Shirt “MEXICO”
Click here for the long sleeve Hawaiian shirt DS-2694 L/S Hawaiian Shirt “MEXICO”


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