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Yukata "Kagono Bleached"

Yukata "Kagono Bleached"

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DX-059 Yukata "Kagono Bleached"

100% polyester

This yukata features a printed pattern created using the Kanoko dyeing technique.

The material used is "Seo Alpha," a new fiber developed exclusively by Toray.

This new synthetic fiber is cool and comfortable, and boasts outstanding water absorption and drape. It is a new material that has been calculated and designed based on the cross-sectional shape of the fiber, so it is very light and has a smooth, dry feel.

Another selling point of this material is that it can be washed normally in a home washing machine by placing it in a laundry net.

The large "chinless skull = outdoor bleached" pattern is placed all over the garment. The original was a juban (undergarment) from the Taisho period. Since there were many wars at the time (Sino-Japanese War, Russo-Japanese War, World War I, etc.), decadent designs were also popular for kimono patterns. The original kimono was drawn with a kanoko shibori technique, and the beauty of the textile has been reproduced in print.

The base color is indigo and shrimp tea, which are common in men's kimonos, and the bold composition of the pattern is unadorned. It is a playful, adult yukata.


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