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Dry Bones

Kakuobi "Stone Wall and Spider Web"

Kakuobi "Stone Wall and Spider Web"

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DX-046 Square Belt "Stone Wall and Spider Web"

100% polyester

I used Theo Alpha to print a men's hakama sash.

The material used is "Seo Alpha," a new fiber developed exclusively by Toray.

This new synthetic fiber is cool and comfortable, and boasts outstanding water absorption and drape. It is a new material that has been calculated and designed based on the cross-sectional shape of the fiber, so it is very light and has a smooth, dry feel.

Another selling point of this material is that it can be washed normally in a home washing machine by placing it in a laundry net.

I placed an obi interlining inside the Theo Alpha and sewed it into a bag shape.

The outer fabric is printed with the pattern of the famous Hakata Kenjo Obi, a square obi. The three-dimensional transfer-printed woven pattern looks like it is pre-dyed.

The design on the back features a spider web motif on a stone wall.

This design originates from a kimono undergarment worn in the Taisho period. It is a beautiful and mysterious design with a beautiful contrast between the sturdy stone walls, the quiet spider web pattern, and the color scheme.

The texture of the obi is perfect for a Theo Alpha yukata.


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