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Koiguchi shirt "CHAMBRAY"

Koiguchi shirt "CHAMBRAY"

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DS-2669 Koiguchi Shirt "CHAMBRAY"

100% Cotton

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Koiguchi shirts have long been worn in Japan as work clothes for craftsmen and as costumes for festivals.

It is called koiguchi because the opening of the sleeve narrows like a carp's mouth.

Originally, it was an item that was worn as a set with a belly wrap and hakama, but after the war in Japan, it came to be worn as a casual Japanese-style shirt.

In addition to festival attire, koiguchi shirts have also been worn as uniforms at izakayas. In recent years, they have come to be coordinated with denim as well, as they go well with indigo-dyed belly wraps and other items.

The shoulders are connected directly from the back to form the front.

The stitching makes use of the straight lines unique to Japanese clothing, and since there are no seams around the shoulders, it seems to have been an ideal costume for carrying a mikoshi (portable shrine).

This Koiguchi shirt is made of cotton chambray, which is highly absorbent and can be washed at home with water. It dries quickly, making it the perfect summer shirt.

Also, because it is indigo in color, it goes well with festival attire as well as American casual bottoms such as denim and chino cloth.

It can be worn with traditional Japanese items such as geta and setta sandals to create a "Japanese summer" look, or worn as an inner layer under a leather jacket, as seen by postwar gamblers.


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