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Dry Bones

1st Type Pleats Jacket

1st Type Pleats Jacket

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DJ-1004 1st Type Pleats Jacket

100% Cotton

It has re-stock!

This denim jacket with a flap pocket on one side, which was produced for a long time from the late 1910s to the early 1950s , has been reproduced with Dry Bones' interpretation.

As they were called "pleated blouses" or "riveted blouses" at the time, they had symmetrical pleats on the front and rivets for reinforcement at the pocket openings and cuffs.

The buckle on the cinch back is made by bending and hammering solid brass wire, giving it a handmade feel. It also contributes to the classic look.

At the time, denim jackets were made in sizes where the back was too short due to the narrow width of the denim fabric. For sizes 44 and above, a seam was added down the center of the back, a method known as "T-back".

At Dry Bones, this T-back style is available in all sizes, creating a more "rare size" feel.

In addition, the length is slightly longer than the vintage version from that time.

This is because the lengths of the items from that time were extremely short, so we adjusted the length to suit modern bottom wear.

The denim is made of 13.5 oz uneven yarn denim with a 7-count warp thread and a 6-count weft thread.

Enjoy the changes over time, such as the vertical fading that is unmistakable from the original.


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