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Dry Bones

41 Khaki-style Trousers

41 Khaki-style Trousers

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DP-835 41 Khaki type Trousers

100% Cotton

It has re-stock!

Reproduced based on the utility trousers officially adopted by the US military in the 1940s.

During World War II, the US military created the 41-KHAKI TROUSERS as utility trousers for the army. The characteristics of this item are a wide width, dull metal buttons, rolled seams on both the inside and outside, etc. It had almost all the elements that would later become the origin of work-style trousers.

Dry Bones has been making these items for over 30 years since the brand was first established, but with the discontinuation of long-running fabrics and buttons, we have completely reviewed the sewing specifications and other aspects of the new items.

The fabric is a 10-ply single-ply chino cloth, which is thicker and more durable than the 1940s fabric.

The buttons are replicas of metal buttons from the 1940s. Vintage buttons are made of an alloy of copper, tin, and zinc and are engraved with "USARMY". However, this material is rough and the burrs are often not removed, and many of them are missing.

Therefore, we used buttons made of the same material, but with the burrs thoroughly removed. Since 1942, these metal buttons have been discontinued and replaced with urea buttons, making them a very rare accessory.

We also paid special attention to the sewing specifications.

Not only are both the inside and outside stitched, but the welts of each pocket are sewn after the creation of a very time-consuming part called a "kneaded ball."

The belt loops were also made from scratch, very thin, just like the originals. In modern sewing factories, belt loops are made all at once using special sewing machines, so they are thick and uniform in thickness. Dry Bones has recreated the sewing specifications of the time, making them about 9 mm thick.

In addition, as a Dry Bones specialty, the inside left and right sides of the Tengu are piped. This is the highest quality sewing specification for men's clothing (the vintage version has a lock stitch finish).

And as proof that it was made with such sewing, the right pocket lining is affixed with a woven name tag that is only found on Dry Bones military items. It expresses the contents that resonate with military enthusiasts like a military specification.

We have taken the classic American casual style of chinos to the limit and created this collection. Try out these ultimate military utility trousers.


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