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Dry Bones

All Seeing Eye's Ring (Silver)

All Seeing Eye's Ring (Silver)

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DAS-323 All Seeing Eye's Ring (Silver)


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This is the "Eye of All Things" ring, made from doll eyes.

Since ancient times, various accessories have been created with the motif of the human eye.

This motif is derived from the religious teaching that "God sees everything" and is called the All-seeing Eye, a concept that has been passed down since ancient Egypt.

The Caps Rock at the top of the pyramid has an eye carved into it.

Based on these ideas, various items including rings have been created.

Especially with the rise of secret societies from the latter half of the 19th century, rings shaped like the All-Seeing Eye became popular because the initiation rites of secret societies include the question, "Do you believe in religion?"

Later, in the early 20th century, elaborate dolls became popular, and rings using doll eyes, which were used in the eyes of those dolls, also quietly became popular.

Later, in the 1990s, a famous silver accessory brand reproduced the ring from that time.

Furthermore, there is a cult-popular store in Hollywood that has created many variations based on this motif, and it remains a difficult item to obtain today.

Dry Bones has found dead stock doll eyes several times in the past. Each time, we made them into rings and turned them into products.

This time, I happened to come across a limited edition doll eye ring that comes in several different colors, so I decided to revive the rings that were secretly carried by members of secret societies in the 1920s.

Not only will you be "watched by God," but you're sure to attract attention from many people when wearing this ring.


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