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Argyle Summer Knit

Argyle Summer Knit

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DK-130 Argyle Summer Knit

100% Cotton

This is an almost identical reproduction of a summer sweater from the 1950s.

The material is cotton yarn and the knitting is jacquard.

The chest area has a complex diamond pattern with a change in knitting pattern. The other areas have a diamond pattern in a single color on top of the ground color as stitches. This is a reproduction of the exact same knitting method as the vintage item I own.

The ribbing around the hem is intentionally made as wide as it was back then. This part is wide and has strong tension, so it fits snugly around the waist, creating a silhouette that is typical of the time.

The colors are also light and perfect for summer knitwear, with the same off-white base as the vintage and lemon yellow close to the stitching on denim.

Of course, in addition to denim, wide bottoms such as chinos and two-pleat trousers would also look good.

This is an excellent piece that allows you to enjoy dressing like a boy from the 1950s.


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