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Dry Bones

Waiting for production to increase: Army Denim Work Trousers

Waiting for production to increase: Army Denim Work Trousers

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DP-691 Army Denim Work Trousers

100% Cotton

Sizes 32, 34, and 36 are sold out.

This design is based on the denim work utility trousers that were worn by the US Army from the 1920s to 1940s.

The solid silhouette makes them easy to work in, which is exactly what you'd expect from utility trousers.

This silhouette also influenced painter pants made by store brands at the time.

Dry Bones has spiced up this silhouette even further by spreading the back straps out so far that they almost reach both ends.

This has resulted in a fundamental change to the sewing specifications, with no back yoke (which means no fine-tuning of the size possible).

We have included details from a different model number that was only available for a short period around the 1940s.

In addition, tuck buttons have been added to the belt so that suspenders can be used at the same time.

Both belts and suspenders are available.

The material is 10oz denim, with 10-count uneven yarn used for both the warp and weft.

It fades vividly vertically, just like vintage denim that has been around since that time.

During WWII, these were also used as work clothes for PWs (prisoners of war), making them a rare vintage item with very few remaining.

Try wearing these precious denim trousers until they are worn out, right from the moment you buy them.


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