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Dry Bones

BD 2 Tack Work Trousers

BD 2 Tack Work Trousers

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DP-837 BD 2 Tack Work Trousers

100% Cotton

Sizes 30, 32, and 36 are sold out.

We have recreated the dressy two-pleat trousers made from work material that were popular in the 1950s.

In this era, all the men's brands were making 2-pleat trousers. The most popular materials were rayon Venetian, linen and rayon blends, and wool. Work materials were avoided in this style. Perhaps the time, place, and occasion were different.

Meanwhile, Levi's was the brand that broke this trend. In addition to five-pocket jeans, Levi's developed a wide range of two-pleat trousers made from work materials such as broken denim.

The representative of broken denim is this sax blue denim with a loose weave. This softness was due to the rayon that was popular at the time. I guess it was because it resembled the Venetian .

This time, we were successful in procuring this broken denim as deadstock, so it is being debuted in the form of these two-tuck work trousers.

The distinctive thick belt loops are sandwiched between the belt parts to increase durability. A coin pocket is provided at the belt part transition on the right side, and all pockets have bars for a simple and sturdy construction.

The silhouette is in line with the fashion of the time, with a wide thigh area and tapered hem. I think it goes well with a short top.

These two-tuck trousers are like jeans that can be washed in water. Try coordinating them while feeling like a young person in the 1950s.


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