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Dry Bones

Back Cross Suspender

Back Cross Suspender

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DSH-061 Back Cross Suspender

Uses ELASTIC tape

The design is based on suspenders worn on flight jackets during World War II.

The N-3 series is a flight jacket made by the US Air Force from the 1940s to 1960s. The part number for the bottom of this jacket is the F-1 series. The part number for the bottom of the N-3 is F-1, the part number for the bottom of the N-3A is F-1A, and the part number for the bottom of the N-3B is F-1B. We designed the back cross suspenders based on the suspenders attached to the bottom of the F-1 series.

The vintage suspender colors correspond to the colors of each flight jacket, so the F-1 is olive drab, the F-1A is navy, and the F-1B is sage green. Dry Bones has reproduced the olive drab and navy colors, and also made a khaki color as a separate color.

The leather parts are all black, with the stitching color matching the elastic tape.

The rubber tape, known as elastic tape, is 40mm wide. It is made with a linen blend, giving it a rough feel and a vintage feel.

The front button fastening parts are cow leather. The back button fastening parts are single loops, which are also used in overalls, and are deliberately selected in matte black to accentuate the military style.

Now that trousers with suspender buttons are showing signs of becoming very popular, you'll want to make sure you have at least a pair of these classic button suspenders.


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