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Dry Bones

Bandanna “SNOWFLAKE”

Bandanna “SNOWFLAKE”

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DB-012 Bandanna "SNOWFLAKE"

100% Cotton

The design is based on a bandana pattern that was around in the 1950s, commonly known as the "Snowflake pattern."

The "snowflake" pattern was hugely popular in the 1950s. It was originally a pattern for knitted fabrics that were representative of winter, such as ski sweaters, and has long been popular in the UK.

In America, the knitted pattern became a huge hit as a print, and was featured on jackets, shirts, and even bandanas like this one.

So I thought I'd like to reissue it as Dry Bones and include it in the bandana series.

The design is the same as the vintage, the only difference is the FAST COLOR part. In this part, we have written the eyes of all things and ALL COTTON. Think of it as imitating the elephant mark that is often seen on vintage bandanas.

The material is of course 100% cotton sheeting.

The bandana measures 23 inches (58.5 cm) by 22 inches (53.3 cm). This is the most common size for vintage items, and I think it's the best size for cutting cotton sheeting fabric into a bandana.

The original dyeing method was discharge dyeing after base dyeing, but since this dyeing method is almost impossible in Japan today (due to pollution issues), a special method called "tweezer dyeing" is used to dye the fabric so that it looks the same. Therefore, just like the originals, the dyeing method is the same whether you look at it from the front or the back.

All four edges are discharge dyed ecru and single-needle sewn, aiming for a texture that looks as if the dye has faded with use.

These bandanas were designed by bandana collectors, so you can use them as thoroughly as you would a real one and create the next generation of vintage bandanas.


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