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Dry Bones

Beaver Hat “POTOMAC”

Beaver Hat “POTOMAC”

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DCH-512 Beaver Hat “POTOMAC”


M (58cm), L (60cm)
Crown height: approx. 15cm
Brim width: about 7cm
Ribbon width: approx. 1cm

Beaver hats are sold with an open crown, allowing you to shape them yourself to create the look you want, and are made from high-quality materials.

The material is 100% beaver fur.
There are different grades of this material, and many are blends of beaver fur and wool, etc. Of course, the higher the percentage of beaver fur blended, the higher the quality and the more high-class the product becomes.
This is the highest grade.

The name "POTOMAC" comes from the name of a river that flows into the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia.

When viewed from the side, the crown extends vertically, and with the front dimple added it juts out like the tip of a boat.
The dimples are deep, and when worn down to the ears, they look well-balanced when viewed from the front.
The back of the head is up to your preference, but if you style it diagonally lower than the front, it will create a nice silhouette.

This product comes with a dedicated hat case.


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