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Black Chambray Work Coat

Black Chambray Work Coat

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DJ-1181 Black Chambray Work Coat

100% Cotton

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This is a reproduction of a work coat that was popular in the 1940s and 1950s, mainly in France and other parts of the Eurozone.

Although it is a work coat, it is a coat that artists preferred to wear rather than for work. In old French movies, art teachers often wear them. Perhaps the "heathered" color was useful because it didn't need to be worried about paint splashing on it.

In the 1950s, auto mechanics in the United States started to wear belted jackets, presumably because they didn't show oil stains as easily.

A distinctive detail is the pocket on the left chest. Inside the pocket that is likely to hold a smartphone or cigarettes, there is also a pen pocket. This is a feature of Euro-style work coats, and there are also versions that come with a separate pen pocket.

The material is black chambray.

However, this name seems to have spread after being given it by overseas vintage enthusiasts, and it should actually be called charcoal dungaree. It is made with black and white intertwined threads as the weft, and is twill woven. This is why it has the same strength as twill denim.

Of course, you can wear it over a jacket as a coat, but when watching old movies, you often see people wearing it over a shirt or a T-shirt. In other words, although it is called a coat, it has more of a long, casual jacket feel.

That means it's a versatile item.


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