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Dry Bones

Brass Horse Shoe Bracelet

Brass Horse Shoe Bracelet

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DAS-317 Brass Horse Shoe Bracelet


Total length: approx. 21.5cm
Motif: Approx. 1.7cm x 1.5cm

This bracelet is based on the motif of horse tack, which has existed since ancient times.

Among horse equipment, the horseshoe has been used as an accessory to ward off evil. Because ancient European peoples defeated invading peoples with horse riding and iron tools, it is said that the inhabitants of the other world hate horse equipment made of iron, such as horseshoes and armor.

Therefore, the custom of attaching them to doors of the house as talismans or wearing them as accessories has continued.

Additionally, in the 1930s, guest ranches were popular in America, and a large number of horse-tack-themed goods were produced as souvenirs for these visitors.

Among these, rings and bracelets with horseshoe motifs seem to have been popular, and a huge variety of them were made.

Dry Bones designs and produces bracelets based on such accessories.

Numerous horseshoes are connected by oval chains, creating a Western-style yet elegant design.

The material is solid brass, a material that has been popular since the 1920s as an alternative to gold.

One size fits all.

It's a hidden gem that has been produced for several decades and has been modified slightly each time.

*Since we are reusing the mold used when previously making silver products, the word "SILVER" is engraved on the back.


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