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Dry Bones

Brass Horse Shoe Ring

Brass Horse Shoe Ring

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DAS-377 Brass Horse Shoe Ring


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This ring is based on the horseshoe motif, which has been used as a talisman since ancient times.

As the name suggests, a horseshoe is a metal piece attached to a horse's hoof to protect it. It has been used as a lucky item in the West since ancient times.

In Celtic mythology, iron was used as a talisman to ward off evil after Celtic people won battles on horseback using iron tools.

In Italy, it was used as a symbol of wealth because repairing the horseshoes of royalty provided a regular income.

In Japan, horses are popular as talismans for traffic safety because they generally do not step on people.

And above all, it is well known that Elvis Presley has been wearing a large horseshoe ring since the 1950s.

Dry Bones has been making horseshoe motif rings for many years. This rugged ring, with the width of a horseshoe directly applied to the arm, may be connected to rugged happiness.

The material is solid brass. It has been called "poor gold" since the 1920s and is a highly valued accessory material among the working class. The inside is left as solid wood without being scraped or hollowed out.

If you wear a U-shaped horseshoe facing up, it means you will receive happiness. Conversely, if you wear it facing down, it is said that you can ward off misfortune.

It may seem convenient, but if you can bring good luck by believing in good luck, then you are lucky.


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