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Waiting for production to increase - Cinch Buckle Overalls

Waiting for production to increase - Cinch Buckle Overalls

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DJ-934 Cinch Buckle Overalls

10oz Denim 100% Cotton

M and L sizes are sold out.

The design and production is based on the overalls made in America around the 1920s.

The material is the same as the original, 10oz uneven yarn denim.

The more you wear it, the more it will drop vertically.

The details are packed with classic parts.

First of all, the shoulder strap is intentionally made extremely thin at 25 mm wide.

As for vintage styles, they gradually became thicker, reaching 50 mm in the 1950s.

I made it the thinnest to give it the impression of being the earliest model.

Since this is an early model with a front bib, we added an asymmetrical pocket to the center of the bib.

There is a watch pocket on the right side that can hold a pocket watch, and a pencil pocket on the left side, which are integrated together.

The front placket buttons are black painted donut buttons, a style commonly used on pre-war vintage items.

And the back style.

The thin shoulder straps cross at the bottom center and are secured only with diamond stitching.

The strap extends into a belt that fastens with a V-shaped donut button at the center.

It also comes with a huge back strap, which allows you to adjust the waist size.

The buckle on this part has two prongs made from bent brass wire, giving it a fairly classic shape.

The pith pocket is asymmetrical, just like the front pocket.

The left pocket is pentagonal and the right pocket is square.

Pre-war clothing is often asymmetrical.

This is a remnant of the custom-made culture that existed before the postwar era when efficiency was in demand and symmetry was taking hold.

We also paid special attention to how the pockets are placed.

The double stitching is done in one stroke from the belt area, expressing the craftsmanship of the time.

The turned stitching on each corner is particularly excellent.

The corner of the right pocket is also equipped with a simple candle pocket, just like back then.

In addition, the garment uncompromisingly reproduces the sewing methods of the 1920s, such as double chain stitching on all sides and flat felled seams at the crotch.

Of course, it's perfect for work, but you can also dress it up like the workers of the time by wearing a dress shirt, bow tie, tweed jacket, etc.

This is an excellent item that can be worn in a wide variety of ways.


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