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Cowichan Sweater "SEA BASS"

Cowichan Sweater "SEA BASS"

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DK-129 Cowichan Sweater "SEA BASS"

100% wool

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A perfect reproduction of the Cowichan sweater, which was hugely popular in the 1950s.

Originally, the Cowichan sweater was a traditional garment worn by Native Americans who lived around Lake Cowichan on Vancouver Island in Canada. It was a very elaborate heavy garment, hand-knitted with the family crests and symbolic plants and animals of each tribe.

In the 1950s, when people had more leisure time, "hand-knitting kits" became popular and people began to knit them in their homes, and knitwear manufacturers also began to mass-produce them.

Also, because the 1950s was a cheerful and forward-thinking time, motifs shifted away from traditional patterns to designs with the brightness unique to that era.

The "Seabass" design we have planned this time is a design unique to the 1950s. It just so happens that a tropical fish is used as the motif, but the original purpose of this pattern is to enjoy "fishing."

A giant fish is dancing on the front, and tropical fish are swimming with the caught fish on the back. The hem has a wave pattern, which truly depicts the "scene of people enjoying fishing."

The design of this knitted jacket is characterized by its large shawl collar, which improves protection against the cold.

The front zipper makes it easy to put on and take off. To make it easier to open and close the zipper even with gloved hands, we added a leather pull tab to the slider head.

The material is 100% Shetland wool, which contains oils and is very warm.

In addition, it is made with extremely thick 2/12 count yarn and knitted to look like it was hand-knitted, giving it a luxurious look and warmth that is second to none among sweaters.

Rather than a knit, it's a fun piece of clothing, a jacket that lets you wear a 1950s design.


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