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Crew Neck Sweater "TRIPLE LINE"

Crew Neck Sweater "TRIPLE LINE"

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DK-131 Crew Neck Sweater "TRIPLE LINE"

100% wool

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The design was inspired by Scandinavian surplus items from the 1950s.

Scandinavian design is known for being simple and modern, and this item clearly shows that this extends to military clothing as well.

The design basically follows that of a vintage sweater. The crew neck width, long rib length, and three distinctive ribs in the center front. Only this part is made with ribbing by turning the knit fabric.

The material is 100% Shetland wool. It is a fluffy and fleshy material knitted with 12-count yarn as a doubled yarn. It is the highest quality wool yarn usually used for knit jackets.

The ribbing at the cuffs is 9cm and the ribbing around the hem is 10cm, giving it a truly classic look.

The collar rib is sewn to the body in a sandwiched manner, using the French terry sewing method.

The armholes are not curved much and are cut almost straight up. This is a cutting and sewing method unique to military items.

Furthermore, the armholes and shoulder lines are sewn with a split double needle, following the same sewing method as classic cut and sewn garments.

Since the clothing is of military origin, it would normally look bulky, but the Scandinavian-inspired design and careful, classic stitching give it a soft impression.

Although it is plain, the triple line on the front makes a subtle statement, making it a useful crew neck sweater to have in your wardrobe.


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