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Double Face 3tone Sweat Parka

Double Face 3tone Sweat Parka

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DC-697 Double Face 3tone Sweat Parka

100% Cotton

This item is based on a super vintage double-faced attached sweat parka that was produced up until around the 1940s.

The cotton fleece fabric is made with 30-count thread on the front and 10-count thread on the back, and is bonded together on both sides to create a material that protects against the cold and wicks away sweat.

Sweatshirts were originally developed as clothing for sports and competitions, and from the 1900s to the 1920s, they were mainly made of wool.

Later, with the development of washing machines, cotton fabric became more widely available.

When first developed, the clothing was primarily intended for sports, so the majority of the colors were white or heather gray.

However, due to issues with school regulations and team divisions in club activities, colors such as navy and red seem to have gradually become more common.

The color scheme of this parka was decided based on the idea that it would have been worn around that time period.

The heathered gray and navy, and red and navy, are color combinations that are likely to have been worn by students at the time.

The reason we created a two-tone design in black x black was to evoke the image of a secret university club.

In addition to the double-faced, twin-needle stitching that was unique to the time, it also has V-shaped gussets on both the front and back, and a parka is attached on top of that.

Enjoy the true essence of this super rare vintage cut-and-sew item with this hoodie.


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