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Dry Bones

Waiting for increased production: Double Knee Painter Pants

Waiting for increased production: Double Knee Painter Pants

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DP-761 Double Knee Painter Pants

100% Cotton

Sizes 30, 34, and 36 are sold out.

The design is based on engineer work pants from the 1920s and 1930s.

The material is 100% cotton denim, and both the warp and weft threads are made from 10-count uneven yarn, making it a lightweight denim that fades vertically.

This is the same ounce as the denim that was mainstream in workwear at the time.

The chunky, thick silhouette is derived from work trousers, which have their origins in the navy.

The silhouette prioritizes ease of use.

A notable detail is the huge back strap.

It is so large that it seems as if it could reach from one end of the rear yoke to the other, which makes it clear that it served as a belt at the time.

Of course, it has been given a modern twist and includes belt loops.

You can wear it with a belt, or you can hang it from suspenders and adjust the back straps for a retro look.

The candle pocket, which is unique to painter pants, has an elaborate design with two openings.

In addition, the back pocket is fastened with a bar to increase its strength.

The most distinctive design feature is the knee pads on both knees.

The knee pads have quilted stitching to add strength.

Although these pads are designed for people who work on their knees, they also have an additional layer of cover from the thighs to the shins, making them popular among motorbike riders as a way to keep warm.

There is also a pocket on the top, which is convenient for taking small items in and out.

The buttons are original one-piece donut buttons engraved with Dry Bones.

For the suspender buttons, I used agent pattern tuck buttons, which were commonly used at the time.

By taking advantage of the wide silhouette and making the top slim and short, you can create an outfit that has a vintage feel.

Or you can wear it larger overall for a looser silhouette.

This is an item that can be worn in a wide variety of ways.


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